That night with Channa and Kanthaka, I traveled a hundred and fifty kilometers, passing through three […]
When father learned my answer to my son’s birth, he said, “My grandson will be named […]
Once I went for a walk to the park outside the palace with Channa, my coachman. […]
When I was sixteen, my parents wanted me to get married. They then invited the Sakya […]
Once, while walking in the park, I saw a swan falling from the sky. There was […]
Seven days after giving birth to me, my mother passed away. I was then treated by […]
When I was born, all the affairs of my father, King Suddhodana, were done well. Therefore, […]
Buddha has 32 major signs and 80 minor signs of great human beings (mahapurisalakkhana). These signs […]
In the midst of his meditation, the ascetic Asita saw a group of rejoicing deities. They […]
When it was time for me to descend to the mother’s Womb, in the realm of […]